Monday, December 14, 2009

Switchfoot (House of Blues, Anaheim)

Not the biggest fan of the band, however that doesn't mean they put on a bad show! Had no opening band, which was interesting; they opened up with their new album "Hello Hurricane" which was pretty good in my opinion. But due to the fact that the show was in a House of Blues, it wasn't a very comfortable environment because all we do is stand. And when your not a fan of a band that's making you stand through about 20 songs you don't know is pretty tedious. Very good as a band, they do know how to write music, and makes a good business as far as I know.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Galaxy Theater Santa Ana (October 7, 2009)

Overall the show was really good! The only band I was there to see was Dommin, I also had something to say about the other bands that played that night....

Band #1- The Returners (Punk)
I felt like Moshing the entire time, gave a lot of energy. Not enough to appeal the crowd though. Then again they were the opening band; which means they've got a lot to learn. The music was too loud in order to see if they know how to sing or not, so they get a pure "ZERO" when it comes to singing. As for the show they put on, they were all over the stage (literally and musically). They ran around the stage like its a new trick they came up with. Music coordination was just bouncing off the walls, switching from chord to chord and showed no proof of musical knowledge.

Band #2- Spektra (Rock)
Suprizingly they know how to put on a good show! They showed me that they know how to write music too, which is rare. They need to learn how to sing though. It wasn't bad, but the voice coordination was really sloppy and needs work. They went over the edge when it comes to guitar skills; one skill after the other, I just want to tell them to give the skill a rest and save it until the end of the show.

Band #3- The Becoming (Alternative Rock)
By this time I had mixed feelings about the show. We had band #1 with a bad performance, and band #2 as showoffs. But the becoming balanced things out between the two shows. Very musically inclined! However every song had the same drive, same beat and had the same feel/energy. They need to mix things up when it comes to their writing.

Band #4-Dommin (Metal)
Awsome Band! Signed by roadrunner, and i have no clue why they aren't bigger. I do everything i can to spread the word out about these awsome musicians. And they were the biggest inspariation when i made my desiction to get into music business. The show was amazing. I think they got the crowed prepared for the headliners the most.

Band #5- The 69 Eyes (Rock) *Headliners*
I had no idea who these guys were before the show. I didn't have the time to look them up. But wow! They had that 80's rock feel, and the lead singer reminded me of ozzy osbourn. It didn't sound anything like them though. Too bad i couldn't hear the vocals because he had a voice that sounded like a seagull. The positive side is that i saw a lot of business in theses guys.